Plasticurious is an exciting opportunity for teenagers to share what they know and think about in a video contest.

Plasticurious encourages us to think about the role that plastics play in our lives. The things that make plastics amazing, their multi-use, cost effectiveness, strength and longevity are also the very things that can make them most misunderstood.

Plasticurious underscores the need for all of us to be responsible in how we use it and how we dispose of it.

Plasticurious opens avenues of enquiry and discussion and engages young Canadians in thinking about how the decisions they make today affect the lives they lead tomorrow.

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Contact us at plasticurious@gmail.com


For more than seven decades, CPIA has been the voice of the plastics industry in Canada. It provides leadership on pivotal issues and policies, promotes the benefits of plastics sustainability economically, environmentally and socially, and encourages greater awareness and understanding of the role plastics play in our lives.

Our Mission

To be the trusted national voice and chief advocate for plastics in Canada, providing leadership on pivotal issues and policies throughout the plastics lifecycle and promoting and defending the sustainable economic, environmental and social benefits of the plastics industry and our products.

Our Vision

To increase the appreciation for and use of plastics, driven by a responsible and globally competitive Canadian industry.


Plasticurious is generously sponsored by the members of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association.


Questions? Problems? Contact us at plasticurious@gmail.com