You may want to include photos, music or video clips to your video that you didn’t create yourself – and with the right licenses and clearances – that’s ok. But, before you submit your video, we’ll ask you to confirm that any third party material complies with the Rules of this content and we’ll ask you to provide direct links to where you found the material.

This is important! We want to make sure you won’t have any trouble with the music, photos or videos included as part of your work.

Items to avoid or check very closely
  • Standard license items
  • Anything that says you can’t share it
  • Anything from a paid site (like Shutterstock) that you haven’t paid for OR doesn’t allow you to adapt or share
  • ITunes songs or videos
  • Anything that says it’s “Royalty Free” but not “Creative Commons”
How to find ‘third party’ material you can use

Your fastest starting point is Search here for photos, videos and music. Always check that the item states that it has a “Creative Commons” license or “CCO” AND that it is free for personal use AND WITH no attribution required.

There are lots of other sources

Why not check these out and let us know if you find other sites with great material with Creative Commons licenses.

  • pexels,com (photos)
  • (photos)
  • Pexels videos (videos)
  • com (photos and videos)
  • Soundcloud – search for Creative Commons and only use these clips
  • – look for items that show “CC” and “PD”
  • – music, sound effects, after effects, illustrations, photos – Filter for items listed as “Public Domain” – current and archival
Using YouTube clips in your video

If you want to use YouTube audio or video clips – you have to be careful.

For video

Search to find the type of video you’re interested in (e.g. fashion show). Then click on “Filters” and under “Features”, click on “Creative Commons” to find the items you can use. Do not include clips from videos with “Standard” YouTube licenses. Check below any video, on “Show More” to make sure it has the creative commons license (not standard).

For songs

You can search for no copyright songs on YouTube or use these links direct to their three main playlists: Artists | Genres | Moods

If you’re not sure contact Plasticurious

We’re here to help – please check with us about anything you’re not sure of: